This is not the stuff of faerie tales

Nor is it about complicated spells and rituals (notwithstanding what fun it is to don our witches hats, chant into a cauldron and jump on our broomsticks and fly to the moon!).

The Pulse is about simplicity.

It is about reclaiming your birthright to a life of pure joy, abundant bliss, love and a whole lotta’ magic.

This is a sanctuary. A place where you get to be who you are, without judgement and to expand more deeply into your truth and float in the whimsy of the dreamscape. It is a space to birth and rebirth. To be all that you were born to be.

This is your invitation to Return to LOVE.

Here you will experience long embraces under the sun and moon, you will gaze upwards drinking in the song of the stars, the stories of the Universe and become intoxicated by the wisdom of the Cosmos. You will remember oneness and expand with it all.

You will be delighted by the offerings within this sacred portal because it is one that guides you home to love.

  • You don’t need anyone ‘telling’ you what to do.

  • It is the time of remembrance now.

  • Within this portal…

    You will skim the outer edges of infinity with the sparkling remnants of your wand of light…then you will dive right in!

  • The currents of the magnetic field around your heart will pulsate to a new rhythm.

  • Your heart will become a magnet for miracles again.

You will finely tune your phenomenal mind

and its power to yield to the infinite possibilities found within the Universe as it runs amok in the vast expanse of the Void.

The all knowing space filled with fathomless outcomes - all awaiting your summoning. You will create from this field located beyond this timeline.

Where the bridge to access the life of your choosing stems forth from your heart and you summon to you all that you need by creating future memories.

Future memories. Not past. The past is what you know. The past will bring you more of the same. The future - now that is where the magic lies. This is the unknown. This is unlimited. This is where you soar!

Curious to see what lies within this field of possibilities?

Cross the threshold and enter this Gateway, here is where you will find the magic:

  • Frequency

    This is my online membership portal. For those of you that choose to subscribe to this 3 monthly haven of goodness, you will receive specials on all of my subsequent offerings. You choose to be present for 3 months at a time, each sacred gathering will be based on a theme, correlating with the seasons. Here we explore the elements, plant medicine (food and essential oils, tonics and cacao elixirs). Here you move free and receive a mighty transmission of love from the Akashic Field every time we meet.

  • The WayShower

    This is the heartbeat of my one on one offerings. This is where you get to be up close and personal with me, for 8 in-depth sessions across three months (can you feel the theme with the rhythm of three?) For 3 turnings of the moon we dive deep, it is tailored for you. This is entry by application, limited to 3 people per season, filled with unlimited possibilities. This is about your return home to your truth, your magic and all that you were born to be.

  • Voice of the Goddess

    This is my annual signature program. Voice of the Goddess is about becoming the embodiment of your Divinity and embracing your ineffable Nature. This is where you ‘ascend’ via incension- by going inwards and meeting yourself then rising from this space into your Wholeness. This is for those of you bold enough to create a new life and way of 'Being' by tugging on the drawstrings of your future and claiming your magnificence in its entirety.

  • Moon Sisters

    Coming soon!

  • Grace

    Coming soon!